Substantive Reconciliation: Yaleela’s Appointment as Board Director

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Substantive Reconciliation: Yaleela’s Appointment as Board Director

Now More Than Ever: A Milestone for Traditional Owners and Community Impact

In the heart of the Gladstone region, where history echoes through every corner, Yaleela steps into a role that carries immense responsibility and promise. Her appointment as a Director on the Roseberry Qld Board marks a significant milestone in the journey toward reconciliation.

Reconciliation is not merely a buzzword; it’s a commitment to action. Roseberry Qld, deeply embedded in the Central Queensland community, has proudly endorsed the appointment of Yaleela as a Director on their Board. Now more than ever, this move goes beyond tokenism; it’s about authentically engaging with First Nations peoples. Yaleela’s voice will now resonate in boardrooms, shaping policies and strategies that impact the lives of our community.

Yaleela’s qualifications speak volumes of the experience and knowledge she will bring to the Board role. A Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology/Sociology and a Masters of Social Work (Professional Qualifying), she brings a unique blend of academic rigor and cultural wisdom. As an accredited mental health social worker and business owner, Yaleela understands the intricate web of social, economic, and political factors affecting the well-being of children, families, and communities. Her practice framework, rooted in strengths-based and solution-focused approaches, aligns with Roseberry’s commitment to positive change.

Institutional integrity is not an abstract concept; it’s woven into the fabric of Roseberry’s existence. Demonstrating a commitment to substantive reconciliation is a key action toward achieving this integrity. Now more than ever, Yaleela’s three years of teaching Reconciliation in the Workplace and Community at CQUniversity have equipped her with a breadth of understanding. Her passion for bridging gaps and fostering understanding will undoubtedly benefit the Roseberry community.

As a Director, Yaleela’s mandate is clear: uphold human rights, recognize First Nation’s peoples, and address critical issues. Housing and homelessness, social and emotional wellbeing, and cultural determinants of health are an integral part of practice and services. Yaleela’s vision extends beyond boardroom discussions; she aims to build respectful and reciprocal relationships across communities. Her voice, informed by lived experience and professional expertise, will echo at the frontline and decision-making levels.

A reconciled Australia begins here! Yaleela’s appointment is a beacon of hope. Roseberry Qld’s commitment to reconciliation is not theoretical—it’s embodied in Yaleela’s presence. Amidst the vibrant pulse of life, connecting past and present, we witness and practice the power of inclusion. Yaleela’s journey as a Director is a testament to the resilience of Traditional Owners and the transformative potential of reconciliation.

Together, we pave the path toward a reconciled Australia—one decision at a time.

Roseberry QLD - Substantive Reconciliation: Yaleela's Appointment as Board Director
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