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Roseberry Qld is a Non-Profit Company & Registered Charity

Roseberry is a community-based organisation providing a range of services to meet the identified needs of young people and families who are experiencing difficulty.

Our Vision

A strong, vibrant and compassionate community.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to empower community to enable the most vulnerable people to lift themselves out of disadvantage and to create safe, vital, and resilient lives for their families and community.

Roseberry QLD - About Us
Roseberry QLD - About Us
Roseberry QLD - About Us

How We Have Evolved

Roseberry Qld was created in the mid 1980’s by a team of dedicated volunteers who recognised that our community needed to create a solution to youth homelessness. Our first major project was the purchase of a house in Roseberry St, Gladstone so that we could create a youth shelter and provide support to young people.

From these humble beginning, Roseberry Qld – now a registered Charity and community led corporation, has grown to provide programs and services across regional Queensland that aim to empower communities to life themselves out of disadvantage.

Our focus is on growing our services so that we can take a holistic approach in supporting young people and this includes focusing on growing and developing programs that can provide:


Our purpose is to empower community to enable the most vulnerable people to lift themselves out of disadvantage and to create safe, vital, and resilient lives for their families and community.

Our Board


Erin Robertson

As the current Chair of Roseberry Qld, I see strategic oversight and governance duties as my primary role. I’m passionate about contributing to my community and supporting organisations that provide vital services for those in need in my community. Roseberry Qld aligns with both my own personal and professional values and I aim to be a value-adding Director. My goal is to assist in positively contributing to the growth of the organisation by helping to raise awareness of Roseberry Qld and its programs and seeking connections both with funding and new business opportunities.


Gerard Melrose

I am proud to be part of an organisation that has continued to evolve over a number of years. Roseberry Qld is constantly driving real outcomes for both their clients and staff. My intent as a Director is to continue to support this journey that Roseberry Qld has been on, and ensure the strengthening of our existing programs and the promotion of our brand. Further I see the growth opportunities that Roseberry Qld can achieve in new program areas, as our team have the passion, experienced and dedication to excel throughout the region.


William Macdonald

I have enjoyed immensely being a director of the Roseberry Qld board for many years. I believe Roseberry Qld is highly regarded by our community not only with its values but also its ongoing actions to ensure its values are fulfilled to meet community expectations. The support received from the community and government in pursuing its goals has been motivating. I seek to continue my contribution in assisting Roseberry Qld.


Carly Quinn

I consider it a privilege to be selected to represent our members, our people and our clients as a Board Member of Roseberry Qld. I have been so impressed by the caliber and passion of our team members. They are talented and motivated specialists in their field, all dedicated to improving the lives of those in our various communities. Unfortunately the need for our services is continuing to increase, and even during the toughest times such as Covid, the passion of our people has remained steadfast. I look forward to supporting our General Manager to provide them with a safe and sustainable environment so they can continue doing what they do best – serve our Communities.


Kayleen Bishop

A resident of Gladstone for 28 years after moving from NSW. I have four children and 2 grandchildren who are an absolute delight. My occupation in the Education system works closely with vulnerability groups where understanding and compassion is a must when dealing with improving student learning outcomes. I pride myself on positive family and community connections when working with vulnerable students and families. My passion for helping and understanding others is shown through these links. I am lucky enough to have a partner that has the same passion and encourages support for the community. I am excited to learn how I can make an impact on the Roseberry Gladstone Board.


Dave Grenfell

David has over 40 years of experience in the building and construction industry with a particular focus in the power, chemical and process plant sectors, and delivery of major infrastructure projects across Australia. Experience in Senior Management, Business Operations, and delivery of multiple major projects simultaneously. Dave has a passion for community, organisational and regional development, providing skill shortage solutions, training and upskilling, leadership development, and collaborative leadership, bringing people, business, and industry together to help solve community issues working together


Carissa Gordon

Carissa has been working as an accountant and small business adviser in Gladstone for almost 20 years, with experience in a diverse range of roles including motel management, not-for-profit organisations and public accounting. Carissa and her family were all born in Gladstone and love spending their weekends together fishing & camping in the Gladstone Region.

Management Team


Michelle Coats

General Manager

Roseberry QLD - About Us

Shannon Booth

Youth and Family Services manager


Michelle Brook

Vocational Services Manager

Roseberry QLD - About Us

David Myles

Clinical Practice Manager


Wendy Marsten

Business Manager

Roseberry QLD - About Us

Headspace Rockhampton

Center Manager


Sherrie Stringer

Housing & Homelessness Manager


Headspace Gladstone

Center Manager

Our Funding Partners

Roseberry QLD - About Us
Roseberry QLD - About Us
Roseberry QLD - About Us
Roseberry QLD - About Us
Roseberry QLD - About Us