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How You Can Partner With Us

We Are Grateful To Individuals And Organisations Who Support Our Service. 

Every contribution, no matter how small, makes a difference to helping us achieve our vision of a strong, vibrant, compassionate community. The causes we stand for at Roseberry Qld, often attract like-minded people who wish to get involved. If you are someone that likes to take action, and inspire others along the way, then read on.

Download Our Corporate Recognition Strategy

Support our organisation to deliver projects that directly impact our community and help your organisation get the recognition it deserves.
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Support a Cause

Provide one-off or long-term support to our many causes.
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Organise a Fundraising Event

Organise a sausage sizzle or fundraising event where proceeds go towards the causes that you believe in.
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Volunteer With Us

Get involved in volunteering by signing up to our online volunteer portal. We can support group volunteering and volunteer recognition certificates and awards.
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Attend An Event

Come along to one of our events and get involved!
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Advertise With Us

Are you a business and would like to advertise us? We have various opportunities available for our platform, so click the button below to complete your application.
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