Purpose and Strategy

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Our Purpose and Strategy

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to empower community to enable the most vulnerable people to lift themselves out of disadvantage and to create safe, vital, and resilient lives for their families and community.

Roseberry Qld has been supporting people of the Central Queensland community (and beyond) since its inception in 1986. Our Roseberry Qld strategy embeds a holistic approach focusing on developing and delivering services and programs that deliver on key factors that influence youth social development.

Our service model is focused on addressing all factors that impact on a young persons’ ability to lead a healthy, vibrant, and productive life. Too many children, young people and families are vulnerable both socially and economically. Through our programs, we hope to promote and build community success by increasing positive outcomes for all.

We will work toward this by using and reflecting upon our Key Signature Behaviours:

  • We Strengthen people’s lives.
  • We build effective relationships.
  • We work and learn together.
  • Our decisions support Roseberry’s sustainable growth.

Our Strategic Approach

Our aim is to create genuine community change and a positive impact with our community. We aim to do this by focusing on strategies that:

Protect – continue to provide services that positively contribute to a young person’s life through professional expertise & quality assurance delivered with compassion.

Optimise – being responsive to emerging challenges through innovation, collaboration, and community partners.

Grow – build our organisational reach through internal capacity building, new investment and new community partnerships.

We define and measure the change we want to make in our community through our Impact Goals:

  • Young People have a voice and are heard.
  • Young People are enabled to break out of the cycle of disadvantage and poverty.
  • Young People are socially and emotionally well.
  • Families are resilient, protective, and supported.
  • People have a safe and sustainable place to live and grow

Annual Report

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