Roseberry Qld turns soil.

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Roseberry Qld turns soil.

The Housing & Homelessness Hub is a crucial step in achieving this purpose. It will be a vital resource for those who are homelessness or at risk of homelessness in the Gladstone community.

The Hub will provide a wide range of services and programs to ensure individuals and families have the support they need to overcome their housing challenges and improve their overall well-being. Some of the services offered will include counselling, vocational support, access to mental health services, and assistance with finding and securing affordable housing.

The Dignity Hub, which has been operating out of a small garage at the Roseberry House shelter, will also be integrated into the new premises. The Dignity Hub provides basic necessities such as showers, laundry services, hot meals, and food packages to those in need. The expansion of this service will allow for greater capacity and ensure that more individuals and families have their most essential needs met.

The development of the Housing & Homelessness Hub has been made possible through capital funding from the Department of State Development, Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning. The support and investment from the government will greatly enhance the resources and facilities available to address homelessness in the Roseberry community.

Roseberry Qld is thrilled to be able to provide this much-needed space and support to those in need. The Hub will be a safe and welcoming environment where individuals can access the resources and assistance they need to improve their living situations and break the cycle of homelessness.

The groundbreaking ceremony took place late last week, with representatives from Roseberry Qld, Local Government, and local community leaders in attendance. The ceremony marked the beginning of construction on the Hub, and the excitement and anticipation for its completion was palpable.

“We are extremely grateful for the support and funding that has made this possible,” said Michelle Coats General Manager of Roseberry Qld. “This Housing & Homelessness Hub will continue to be a game-changer for our community, providing essential services and support to those who need it most.”

The Hub is expected to be completed within the next year, and Roseberry Qld is already planning an official opening event to celebrate its launch. In the meantime, the organisation will continue to provide its existing services and support to individuals and families in need.

The Housing & Homelessness Hub represents a significant step forward in addressing the housing and homelessness crisis in the Roseberry community. It will serve as a beacon of hope and support for those struggling with housing insecurity, providing them with the resources and assistance necessary to rebuild their lives and create a brighter future.

The development of the Housing & Homelessness Hub reflects the commitment of Roseberry Qld and its partners to improving the well-being and quality of life for all members of the community. By providing a central location for essential services and support, the Hub will help to bridge the gap between those experiencing homelessness and the resources they need to regain stability and security.

As the construction progresses, Roseberry Qld will continue to work closely with community organizations, local businesses, and government agencies to ensure the Hub meets the specific needs of the Roseberry community. The goal is to create a space that not only provides immediate relief and assistance but also fosters long-term solutions and pathways out of homelessness.

With the Housing & Homelessness Hub on the horizon, the Gladstone community can look forward to a stronger and more resilient future. This innovative facility will play a crucial role in breaking the cycle of homelessness, empowering individuals and families to create a positive and sustainable future for themselves.

The groundbreaking of the Housing & Homelessness Hub is a milestone moment for Roseberry Qld and the entire Roseberry community. It is an investment in the well-being and dignity of all residents, ensuring that everyone has a place to call home and access to the support they need to thrive.

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