Roseberry Qld Volunteer in Annual Port to Park

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Roseberry Qld Volunteer in Annual Port to Park

Gladstone Port’s Corporation recently hosted its annual fun run, now known as the Port to Park, in Gladstone. This event, which began as the Botanic to Bridge, has been a community tradition for 13 years. The fun run serves as a platform for the community to come together, raise funds for local organizations, and promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

We were privileged to be one of the beneficiaries of this year’s Port to Park. As part of our commitment to giving back to the community, Roseberry Qld volunteered dedicated their time to ensuring the event’s success. We assisted with various tasks such as distributing race packs, registering last-minute runners, providing water to runners, and guiding participants throughout the course on race day.

Volunteering at the Port to Park allowed the Roseberry Qld volunteers to gain insight into the effort and dedication required to organize such a large community event. It also provided an opportunity for them to connect with fellow volunteers and members of the community in a unique and meaningful way.

This year’s Port to Park attracted a record number of participants, with over 2,400 registered runners. Thanks to the sponsorship and support of Gladstone Port’s Corporation and other partners, the event managed to raise an impressive $70,000. This generous sum will be shared between Roseberry Qld, Youth Insearch, and local schools, further benefiting the community.

Several aspects of volunteering at the Port to Park stood out to the Roseberry Qld volunteers. Firstly, they had the chance to meet Sally Pearson, Olympic Gold Medallist. Secondly, they were amazed by the speed and talent of some community members, as the first runners finished the 3 and 10 kilometre races in a remarkably short time. Lastly, witnessing the unity and support within the community was heartwarming, as everyone came together to have fun and support one another.

Overall, the experience of volunteering at the Port to Park fundraiser left a lasting impact on the Roseberry Qld volunteers. They were inspired by the dedication and passion demonstrated by the organizers, participants, and fellow volunteers. This experience has motivated them to continue giving back to their community and seek out further opportunities to make a difference.

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